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Data Center & Application Migration

Your data centers and the critical business applications they house are in a constant state of flux. You need to migrate applications to the cloud, consolidate your data centers or simply move applications through test, staging and production environments.

Migrating the network connectivity requirements of these applications, so that you can re-establish the correct traffic flows and security on the new platform is a key part of every application migration project. But it’s easier said than done.

For starters, it is difficult to discover and map application flows across complex enterprise environments, and there usually little to no up-to-date documentation. It can take months to gather the necessary information, understand the requirements and then painstakingly migrate every firewall rule, router ACL and cloud security group to the new environment.

Even a single mistake can cause an outages, compliance violation or create a hole in your network security perimeter. It’s therefore not surprising that migration projects always take more time and cost more than originally planned.

Simplify and accelerate large-scale complex data center and application migration projects

AlgoSec simplifies and accelerates complex migration projects involving multiple applications and servers. AlgoSec automatically discovers and maps application connectivity flows to the underlying network infrastructure. It then migrates the relevant flows en masse to the new platform – all while ensuring the integrity of the security policy and network access. Once application connectivity has been securely migrated, AlgoSec uniquely identifies any leftover firewall rules that can be deleted, as well as rules that cannot be removed because they’re still being used by other applications — helping you avoid outages.

With AlgoSec you can:

The Business Impact: