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Security Policy Change Management

Making changes to the network security policy is a manual, complex, and error-prone process which slows down your business. Mistakes are common – and they cause rework, compliance violations and application outages. To add to the complexity, the change process often involves multiple devices and teams, including security, networking and application delivery, who all have different objectives and communicate using different terminology.

Process security policy changes in minutes not days

With AlgoSec you can accurately process security policy changes in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Using intelligent, highly customizable workflows AlgoSec streamlines and automates the entire security policy change process — from planning and design to proactive risk analysis, implementation on the device, validation and auditing.

As part of the process, AlgoSec closes any unnecessary change requests, such as ones that already work, which helps prevent up to 30% of redundant changes. Additionally, AlgoSec continuously monitors all policy changes and ensures that they correlate to a specific request – to detect and prevent unauthorized, rogue changes. Every step of the change process is fully documented to track accountability and SLAs, as well as provide a complete audit trail for your auditors.

With AlgoSec, you will avoid guesswork and errors, reduce risk and complexity, enforce compliance, align teams and foster a collaborative approach to security policy management.

With AlgoSec you can:

The Business Impact: